By Franco Strocchi

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Quantum box concept (QFT) has proved to be the main beneficial approach for the outline of easy particle interactions and as such is considered a primary a part of smooth theoretical physics. In such a lot displays, the emphasis is at the effectiveness of the speculation in generating experimentally testable predictions, which at the present basically potential Perturbative QFT. even if, after greater than fifty years of QFT, we nonetheless are within the embarrassing state of affairs of no longer realizing a unmarried non-trivial (even non-realistic) version of QFT in 3+1 dimensions, permitting a non-perturbative regulate. As a response to those consistency difficulties one may perhaps take the location that they're on the topic of our lack of expertise of the physics of small distances and that QFT is barely a good concept, in order that notably new principles are wanted for a constant quantum idea of relativistic interactions (in 3+1 dimensions). The publication begins through discussing the clash among locality or hyperbolicity and positivity of the power for relativistic wave equations, which marks the beginning of quantum box idea, and the mathematical difficulties of the perturbative growth (canonical quantization, interplay photograph, non-Fock illustration, asymptotic convergence of the sequence etc.). the overall actual ideas of positivity of the strength, Poincare' covariance and locality supply an alternative to canonical quantization, qualify the non-perturbative origin and bring about very proper effects, just like the Spin-statistics theorem, TCP symmetry, an alternative choice to canonical quantization, non-canonical behaviour, the euclidean formula on the foundation of the practical fundamental method, the non-perturbative definition of the S-matrix (LSZ, Haag-Ruelle-Buchholz theory). A attribute characteristic of gauge box theories is Gauss' legislations constraint. it really is accountable for the clash among locality of the charged fields and positivity, it yields the superselection of the (unbroken) gauge fees, offers a non-perturbative clarification of the Higgs mechanism within the neighborhood gauges, implies the infraparticle constitution of the charged debris in QED and the breaking of the Lorentz staff within the charged sectors. A non-perturbative evidence of the Higgs mechanism is mentioned within the Coulomb gauge: the vector bosons equivalent to the damaged turbines are great and their aspect functionality dominates the Goldstone spectrum, hence with the exception of the prevalence of massless Goldstone bosons. the answer of the U(1) challenge in QCD, the theta vacuum constitution and the inevitable breaking of the chiral symmetry in each one theta quarter are derived exclusively from the topology of the gauge team, with out hoping on the semiclassical instanton approximation.

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P. Feynma n , Phys. Rev . 76, 769 1949) ; 80 , 440 (1950) , App endix B. /n! , so that it violates the analyticity condition IZn(/-L) I :::; en, for some e, and the perturbative series cannot converge. , the perturbative series is asymptotic to the exact solution. We recall that a series 2: anx n is asymptotic at the origin to a function f( x), which is Coo in (0, f), if, 'ilk, f(x) - 2:~=D anx n = o(xk), for x -+ 0+. )-ldn f(O+) l dx n ; as shown by Hadamard, there are no growth restrictions on the dn f(O+) l dx n , and therefore on the an, even if f E COO([-e,e]).

M . Dirac , Proc. Royal Soc. London, A 114, 243 (1927). For a brief account , see F. Strocchi, Elements of Quantum M echanics of Infinite Systems, World Scientific 1985, Part A, Sect. 3. Free field equations and quantum mechanics 19 \\-here u(p , 0-) , 0- = ±, are two orthonormal solutions of the momentum-space Dirac equation, (-,/-LP/-L + m)u( p , 0-) = 0, C is the so-called charge conjugate of u (for the reason for such a name, see below) defined by UC( p , 0- ) = C- 1 u( p , 0-) , where C is the charge conjugation matrix defined by C,/-LC- 1 = ,/-L .

In fact, since K K L Wjajaj :::: m L j=l aj aj, j= l 33 K. Friedrichs, Ma thematical Aspects of the Quantum Th eory of Fields, Interscien A . S. Wightman and S. Schweber, Phys . Rev . 98 , 812 (1955). See in particula r the b eautif by A . S. Wightman , Introduction to som e asp ects of the rela tivistic d yn a mics of quant i in High Energy Electromagnetic Int eractions and Field Th eory, M. Levy (ed. ) , Gordon a n 1967, esp. P a rt II, Sect. 6. Particles as field quanta 23 -i e convergence of the above exponentials implies the convergence of the exponentials _:- eq.

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