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Rathbone's wife, Hannah Mary Reynolds, was the daughter of a Quaker philanthropist who made a fortune in ironworks, and she too was dedicated to charitable works. She could not stomach Malthus's ideas on overpopulation, fearing that his solution would lead to even more power for the magistrates and clergy and the consequence would be infanticide for the poor. 61 Currie and Roscoe were interested in savings banks for workers, and, after Robert Owen established such a system in New Lanark, Currie made a trip to Scotland to learn at first hand how successful the plan was.

36 Roscoe's allusion to Burke's conservatism was followed up with a sharp satire on the 'Life, Death and Wonderful Achievements of Edmund Burke', who like Don Quixote rushes out to tilt at all he meets, but 'with a backward stroke'. All he accomplished was to hit his best friend, Charles Fox, though he continued to roam about tweaking Whig noses until 'lol An Amazon stept out I One Wolstonecraft [sic] her name .... ' She cuts him with vigorous strokes before she is joined by Tom Paine, who delivers the coup de grace with a club made of a tree from 'western climates'.

Ben Tarleton', the Tarleton men retaliated with 'I wish I could vote for myself. Will Roscoe. '80 The election returns indicate the decline of the old Corporation's power, for its candidate, Gascoyne, ran far behind Roscoe in votes. Tarleton also trailed badly. 81 Roscoe seems to have trimmed his sails a bit to help his election along. In his victory speech at the Golden Lion, he stood firmly for peace with France and for parliamentary reform; but on the slave-trade issue he advocated compensation to those who would suffer losses, putting the blame for the trade on the nation and its government rather than on the Liverpool merchants.

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